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The history of of Shanid Castle and the Earls of Desmond, the Geraldines (Fitzgerald). Irish genealogy of clan Fitzgerald.
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Shanid Castle - County Limerick, Ireland Shanid Castle

Shanid castle is a tower castle dating from the 13th century. It sits high on a hill with a motte some 35 feet deep. This impressive stronghold of the Geraldines (Fitzgerald) boasted circular walls 10 feet thick. And surrounding are more motte and bailey defensives, ditches and banks.

Shanid Abu - Long Live Shanid

Maurice FitzGerald was granted lands in Limerick by Richard de Clare (Strongbow) after the Norman invasions of 1169. Thomas Fitzmaurice (son of Maurice) inherited the lands of Shanid. He is often credited with the building of the Shanid castle in 1230 but there are strong indications it was there before that date. Thomas was the ancestor of the FitzGeralds, the Earls of Desmond and this was to be the first stronghold of the Knights of Glin. These Desmond Geraldines would go on to build many castles but Shanid was the strongest.

The last Earl of Desmond was murdered in Kerry in 1584. The lands of the Desmond Geraldines were then divided by the English. Shanid Castle was inhabited until 1641 when it was finally burned and destroyed.

Shanid Castle is located south of the town of Shanagolden on the Ardagh Road in County Limerick.

There is said to be a poem by Gerald Griffin called Shanid Castle

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